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Ulla Manns et al.: The Geopolitics of Nordic and Russian Gender Research 1975–2005

Södertörn University 2016

Ulrika Dahl, Marianne Liljeström, Ulla Manns, The Geopolitics of Nordic and Russian Gender Research 1975–2005, Södertörn Academic Studies, Södertörn University 2016.

Available as .pdf here.

This book examines how a geopolitical grammar works in Nordic and Russian academic feminism and how understandings of a joint feminist “we”, of “Nordicness” and ideas of an “East/West-Divide” shape the formation of gender research fields.

In three distinct chapters, each with a different approach to theories, methods and source materials, the book explores the implications of language, translation, and situated knowledges in the development of gender research as a geopolitical area and particular academic space during the mid-1970s until 2005, and considers feminist knowledge production as a field of power relations.

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