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"What is the problem with historicity?"

Published on 26 November, 2012

Historical Studies/Gender Studies Higher Seminar at Södertörn University, 6 December 2012

"What is the problem with historicity? Scrutinizing a central concept from the point of view of poststructuralism, feminism and the politics of radical democracy"



With: Sara Edenheim from Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS)

When? Thursday 6 December, 2 pm-4 pm at Södertörn University, Flemingsberg.

Where? Primus building, room PA 124

Language? English

Dr. Sara Edenheim, Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UCGS) will discuss the concept of historicity from the point of view of poststructuralism, feminism and radical democracy.

Recommended literature consists of her book Anakronismen: Mot den historiska manin (Glänta 2011) and her articles in Scandia (2009, 2012).(Please note that these titles are all published in Swedish, but that reading them is not a prerequisite for participating in the seminar!)

For further inquiries contact Jenny Gunnarsson Payne at jenny.gunnarsson.payne@sh.se.

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