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Walter Mignolo Visits Stockholm October 4

Published on 1 September, 2010

Walter Mignolo, ”Not All Memories Go Back to Greece: Recent Radical Transformation in ‘Historical’ Consciousness” Open Lecture, Södertörn University, MB313, October 4, 14-16

Walter Mignolo will visit Södertörn University October 4 for a public lecture entitled ”Not All Memories Go Back to Greece: Recent Radical Transformation in ‘Historical’ Consciousness”. The lecture deals with the the colonization of time (the invention of a Eurocentric Master-Narrative) and the colonization of space (the invention of the New World) during the Renaissance.

He is the author of numerous books on various aspects of history and coloniality, including Local histories/Global designs (2000), The Darker Side of the Renaissance (2003) and The Idea of Latin America (2005).

Mignolo received his Ph.D. in semiotics from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes, Paris. Since 1993, he has been the William H. Wannamaker Professor of Literature and Romance Studies at Duke University, and has joint appointments in Cultural Anthropology and Romance Studies.

Mignolo is also a member of the international board of experts that contributes to the Time, Memory and Representation Program located at Södertörn University, supported by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.


Link to Södertörn University Lecture



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