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Symposium: "Austere Histories: Social Exclusion and the Erasure of Colonial Memories in European Societies"

Published on 8 May, 2013

International Symposium at REMESO, the Institute for Research in Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Linköping University, 28-29 November 2013

International Symposium at REMESO, the Institute for
Research in Migration, Ethnicity and Society, Linköping University.
28 – 29 November 20

Information from the organizers:

European societies have recently turned toward more austere political regimes. Evidence of this can be seen in budget cuts, management of the labor market and restrictions of welfare systems, as well as in new regimes of migration and citizenship. In the wake of these changes new forms of social inclusion and exclusion appear that are justified through a reactivation of differences of race, class and gender, all this serving, in its turn, to justify new forms of labor extraction and the formation of a new underclass or “precariat”.

Another consequence is that democracy itself has become precarious. While the agents and adherents of austerity programs impose themselves as democracy’s saviors, practitioners of democracy find themselves pushed toward the extra-parliamentary margins.

This symposium will investigate how a current politics of austerity affects our cultural memory. Are we witnessing a turn toward austerity in theories and practices of historiography, as well as in pedagogies of history? Can we speak of an austere historiography, an enforcement of conformity on Europe past and present?

Main speakers:

  • Nicolas Bancel, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Gurminder K Bhambra, The University of Warwick, Great Britain
  • Manuela Boatca, Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany
  • Nacira Guénif-Souilamas, Université de Paris VIII, France
  • Peo Hansen, REMESO, Linköping University, Sweden
  • Lars Jensen, Roskilde University, Denmark
  • Nicola Labanca, University of Siena, Italy
  • Gert Oostindie, Leiden University, Netherlands
  • Robbie Shilliam, Queen Mary, University of London, Great Britain.


For full symposium description and practical details click here (.pdf file).

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