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Ett mångdisciplinärt forskningsprogram om historiemedvetandets förvandlingar


Mnemonics 2013: "Memory Unbound"

Published on 24 July, 2013

"Memory Unbound: Transcultural, Transgenerational, Transmedial, and Transdisciplinary Dynamics of Memory." Ghent 9-11 September 2013.

Graduate Summer School organized by the Mnemonics network in collaboration with Time, Memory and Representation.

Keynote speakers:

  • Astrid Erll: "Generationality and Transcultural Memory in Migrant Writing and Film”
  • Anna Reading: Title tba
  • Michael Rothberg: ”Memory Bound: "The Implicated Subject and the Legacies of Slavery”

Program available at the Mnemonics homepage.

Produced by MarsApril