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Related Project: Place and Displacement - Exhibiting Architecture 2011-14

Published on 20 May, 2011

The research project "Place and Displacement: Exhibiting Architecture," (The Oslo School of Architecture and Design), has received funding from the Norwegian Research Council from 2011-2014 with Prof. Thordis Arrhenius as project leader.

The project is located at AHO, the Oslo Centre for Critical Studies in Architecture (OCCAS) and will run 2011 - 2014.

"Place and Displacement" investigates practices of displaying architecture in both historical and contemporary contexts, with cases drawn from full scale exhibits of architecture in open-air museums, through the trade in architectural oeuvres, to the construction of imaginary architectural museums. A central aspect of these cases is that they allow us to review mechanisms of displacement that condition the exhibition of the architectural object in various ways. The overall aim of the project is to establish a productive review of the medium of the architectural exhibition. A crucial aspect therefore is to establish an open and productive cross-disciplinary environment, in which this project can be developed.

The project will fund for two full-time PhD positions and four three-month guest-professorships (Dr. Ola Storsletten, Norsk institutt for kulturminne-forskning, NIKU, Dr. Victor Plahte Tschudi, Norwegian Institute in Rome, Oslo University, Dr. Wallis Miller, University of Kentucky and Dr. Jorge Otero-Pailos, Columbia University, NY)

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