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Aronsson & Elgenius (eds): Building National Museums in Europe 1750–2010

Published on 24 October, 2011

Building National Museums in Europe 1750–2010. Conference proceedings from EuNaMus, European National Museums: Identity Politics, the Uses of the Past and the European Citizen, Bologna 28-30 April 2011. EuNaMus Report No. 1. Eds: Peter Aronsson & Gabriella Elgenius.

EuNaMus explores the creation and power of the heritage created and presented by European national museums to the world, Europe and its states, as an unsurpassable institution in contemporary society. National museums are defined and explored as processes of institutionalized negotiations where material collections and displays make claims and are recognized as articulating and representing national values and realities. Questions asked in the project are why, by whom, when, with what material, with what result and future possibilities are this museums shaped.

This Open Access publication gives a comparative overview of the historical roles of national museums in state-making processes. It has been created to stimulate discussion and debate among academics, policy-makers, museum professionals and citizens. The individual author is responsible for the content of each report and if you have any comments please do not hesitate to contact the author who would welcome these. Further publications from EuNaMus are in process. Please consult http://www.eunamus.eufor updated information.

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