Histcon.se Time, Memory and Representation Tid, Minne, Representation

A Multidisciplinary Program on Transformations in Historical Consciousness

Ett mångdisciplinärt forskningsprogram om historiemedvetandets förvandlingar


Media Witnessing and the Perpetual Ripeness of Time

Published on 1 December, 2010

Open Lecture, Södertörn University, February 1, 2011, 13-15. Venue: MB505

Arranged by Staffan Ericson, Amanda Lagerkvist and Paul Achter at Media- & Communication Studies and the RJ- funded project The Times of Television at MKV/SH. The lecture will be followed by a reception in the department.

"Media Witnessing and the Perpetual Ripeness of Time", Paul Frosh and Amit Pinchevski, Department of Communication and Journalism

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


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