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Joan Scott Visits Stockholm March 26-27

Published on 22 February, 2012

Scott will lecture at Södertörn University Monday March 26 and at Södra teatern Tuesday March 27. The lectures are arranged by Time, Memory, Representation, Södertörn Lectures and Tankeverket.


Monday March 26th: "The Uses and Abuses of Gender" (Södertörn Lectures #8)

Time: 14-15.30

Venue: MB 416, Södertörn University. Arranged by the Center for Baltic and East European Studies and Time, Memory and Representation. Link to Södertörn Lectures.


Tuesday march 27th: "The contested relationship between equality and emancipation". Arranged by Tankeverket.

Time: 19-21

Venue: Tankeverket, Södra teatern. Tickets can be purchased at Södra teatern. Link.

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