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Hayden White visits Stockholm May 28

Published on 5 March, 2010

28 / 5 Hayden White, ”The Holocaust from the Outside”

Open Lecture, Södertörn University, MB 416, May 28, 13 – 15

Hayden White will visit Södertörn University May 28 for a public lecture entitled “The Holocaust from the Outside”. The lecture deals with the issues of history, memory and representation in the context of the debate over the ethics and esthetics of writing about the Holocaust, which he has been involved in for the last twenty years, notably in debates with Carlo GInzburg.


Hayden White is University Professor Emeritus at the University of California Santa Cruz, and Professor of Comparative Literature at Stanford University. He is also one of the co-founders of the History of Consciousness Program at University of Santa Cruz. His works (e. g. Metahistory (1973), Tropics of Discourse (1978), The Content of the Form (1987)) have had a profound influence on the practice and conceptualization of various disciplines in the field of humanities.


White is a member of the international board of experts that contributes to the Time, Memory and Representation Program located at Södertörn University, supported by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.



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