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Conference: "The Baltic Sea Region and Eastern Europe: A new generation on the move"

Published on 4 December, 2014

CBEES Annual conference 2014, December 4-5, at Södertörn University.

Conference description by the organizators:

The overall theme of the conference is to draw attention to contemporary processes and challenges, and to the role of the new generations that have emerged in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea area 25 years after the systemic change.

We seek to shift the emphasis from 'post-socialist' development or 'transition' as such to a concern with shared experiences and memories of socialism among the new generations.  What changes are to be observed in the social, economic, political, cultural and environmental processes of today's 'post-socialist' societies?  Can we still speak about socialist legacies, and in what way? Is there a generational change underway and what role does the emerging new generation have for the processes studied?

Keynote lectures:

Professor Madina Tlostanova: 'Coloniality of someone else’s memory? The post-Socialist “midnight children”  and the post-dependence sublime'

Professor Andrzei Nowak: 'Communism and Imperial factor in Eastern European memories'

Professor Johan Fornäs: "A New Narrative for Eastern Europe Too?"

More information about the conference can be found here.

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