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Conference: Competing Memories

Published on 8 October, 2013

29 October - 1 November 2013
University of Amsterdam & VU University Amsterdam - See more at: http://competingmemories.tumblr.com/#sthash.lIVnVKDr.dpuf

University of Amsterdam & VU University Amsterdam, 29 October 1 November 2013.

Excerpt from conference description:

This interdisciplinary conference critically analyses how to present competing memories and narratives on a same site? In addition to the EU’s dynamics and clashes of memory of WWII’s terrorscapes, the conference will broaden its focus to relate both the origins and afterlives of Europe’s Age of Extremes (Hobsbawm) to the (post) colonial turn (in/against Holocaust studies), Dutch slavery/Indonesia debate, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Near East Spring revolutions and the politics of identity and occupation, and the theoretical implications of totalitarianism, occupation, terror, mass violence, trauma, and more in general the Century of the Camp (Bauman).

We seek to understand, from a range of comparative approaches and methodologies, how the space-times of memory in Europe and beyond are interpreted, (re)presented, collectively remembered, instrumentalised, or silenced and forgotten. By crossing academic, artistic and professional boundaries, the conference contributes to a better understanding of the extent to which ‘memory discourses’ operate as vehicles of local, national and transnational identity politics.

For more information see the conference website.

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