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Conference: "Tangible Pasts? Questioning Heritage Education"

Published on 4 March, 2013

Conference Center De Doelen, Rotterdam, June 6-7, 2013. Peter Aronsson, member of the TMR program committee, participates as keynote speaker.

The conference "Tangible Pasts? Questioning Heritage Education" aims at reflecting on the uses of heritage in museums, schools and digital environments. Emerging practices from these educational settings will be linked to research on historical consciousness, history education and public history.

Keynote speakers:

  • Maria Grever (NL)
  • Peter Seixas (Canada)
  • Peter Aronsson (Sweden)
  • Bruce VanSledright (USA)
  • Carla van Boxtel (NL)
  • Brenda Trofanenko (Canada)


For more information visit the conference homepage.

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