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A Multidisciplinary Program on Transformations in Historical Consciousness

Ett mångdisciplinärt forskningsprogram om historiemedvetandets förvandlingar


Conference: "Performative Commemoration of Painful Pasts"

Published on 5 April, 2016

14–17 June 2016, Stockholm University


  • Annie Coombes: "Performing the Past, Building the Future: Women’s Collaborative Art Practices in South Africa"
  • Ananda Breed: "The Flame of Remembrance – Performances of Commemoration and Memory"
  • Karen Frostig: "Performing the Archives: Art, History, and New Models of Memorialization"


A preliminary conference program can be downloaded here.

Contact: Tanja Schult, tanja.schult[at]arthistory.su.se

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