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Call for papers: "The future of the theory and philosophy of history"

Published on 2 October, 2012

International Network for Theory of History conference in Ghent 10-12 July 2013

"The first conference of the recently established International Network for Theory of History entitled “The future of the theory and philosophy of history,” intends to address the situation [of the current strands in the theory and philosophy of history] by inviting scholars, from around the world working in the field, to offer their response to some of the following questions:

What binds philosophers or theorists of history? Can we articulate common questions, themes and objects of research that historical theorists should be concerned with? Should the theory of history be seen as a field unto itself with its own research goals, can (or should) it exist as a purely critical perspective in regard to other already existing disciplines (e.g. historiography, anthropology, sociology) or practices (e.g. public history, truth commissions, transitional justice)?

In other words, does the philosophy of history (still) have a critical function? Should theorists of history start to focus more on ‘practical pasts’? Should theory of history be limited to a philosophy of historiography or should it also include substantial theories of broader historical phenomena? Is there a legitimate role for philosophers of history or should theory of history be the exclusive domain of practicing historians themselves?"

For the full call for papers and practical details about the conference click here.

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