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Call for papers: "Bakhtin as Praxis: Academic Production, Artistic Practice, Political Activism"

Published on 8 May, 2013

15th International Bakhtin Conference, Stockholm, 23-27 July, 2014

Information from the conference organizors:

With this conference, we would like to emphasize Bakhtin’s role as a thinker of the act, action, and activism.

Such notions as, for example, dialogue and the carnival are indispensable for the understanding of today’s social, political, and creative phenomena.

We would also like to make visible those Bakhtinian projects that lie outside the scope of traditional disciplines within Bakhtin-related knowledge, such as political theory, the social sciences, educational science, critical heritage studies, education studies, or any other field of knowledge that has discovered Bakhtin as a source for a better understanding of social and political practice in general.

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