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Call for papers: "Transcultural memory and reception in Europe"

Published on 7 October, 2015

3rd plenary conference, Sofia, 18-20 April 2016

COST Action IS1203 In search of transcultural memory in Europe (ISTME)
3rd plenary conference, Sofia, 18-20 April 2016

The ISTME network aims to investigate the transcultural dynamics of memory in Europe today. Studying how memories of the troubled twentieth century are transmitted and received across Europe, the Action explores the tension between attempts to create a common European memory, or a unitary memory ethics, on the one hand and numerous memory conflicts stemming from Europe’s fragmentation into countless memory communities on the other.

The 3rd ISTME plenary conference will focus on the ways in which memory narratives, produced by a variety of political and civil society actors as well as by artists, writers and different kind of media, circulate within European societies and across European borders. How are memory narratives interpreted, appropriated, and translated into actions and attitudes? How does reception feed into the production of new narratives or the transformation of existing ones? In keeping with the main aims of ISTME of particular concern will be the question how such processes play out across national and cultural borders.

Keynote speakers:

  • Aleida Assman, University of Konstanz
  • Paula Hamilton, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Wulf Kansteiner, Aarhus University
  • Miglena Nikolchina, Sofia University

We welcome proposals for papers on issues connected to circulation, appropriation and interpretation of twentieth century memory narratives in Europe. Papers may focus on memory transmission and reception on local, national, regional or European levels, they may address shared as well as disputed memories, and they may investigate memory transmission and appropriation as unifying or divisive factors.

The papers will be presented within three thematic workshops corresponding to ISTME’s working groups:

  • Politics of Memory
  • Memory and Mediation
  • Memory and Migration

Please submit your proposal ISTME vice chair Tea Sindbæk Andersen (nxr333@hum.ku.dk) by 10th of November 2015.

Acceptance will be notified by 1st of December 2015. We will expect a draft paper for circulation on 30th of March 2016.

We expect to include accepted papers in ISTME’s concluding publication.

Each proposal should include:

  • An abstract of no more than 300 words
  • Suggested thematic session for your work (the organizers reserve the right to assign panels and papers to a different thematic section than the one suggested if that is deemed more appropriate)
  • Contact details
  • A brief curriculum vitae

A limited number of scholarships covering travel and accommodation expenses for speakers are made available by COST. Please indicate in your proposal whether your participation in the conference will be dependent on financial support.

Please note that the whole proposal package should be sent as a single email attachment to Tea Sindbæk Andersen (nxr333@hum.ku.dk) by 10th of November 2015.

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