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AiM Inaugural Conference: Technologies of Memory

Published on 17 September, 2011

The Archive in Motion (AiM), National Library of Norway on Friday

December 9, 9–18.

We are pleased to announce that “TECHNOLOGIES OF MEMORY”, the

inaugural conference of the research project _The Archive in Motion_

(AiM), will be held at the National Library of Norway on FRIDAY 9

DECEMBER, 9:00–18:00. The conference will include lectures by invited

scholars as well as members of the project group: WENDY HUI KYONG CHUN,




Full details on program and registration will be posted shortly on our

web site here


Technologies of Memory

Society is memory, Émile Durkheim stated. And in his groundbreaking

work, _Les cadres sociaux de la mémoire_ (1925), Maurice Halbwachs

described social memory as enacted through ritual, language, art,

architecture and institutions. What characterized these instances of

shared memory was persistence over time – a stability and capacity for

storage that was contrasted with the fleeting character of individual

memory. However, today’s new time technologies make us question not

just the classic description of social memory, but the social ontology

that it presupposes. In the age of digital computing, interconnection

through real time flows give unprecedented priority to the present and

the future, and the distinction between internalized and externalized

memory functions have been challenged from a number of different

perspectives. For the inaugural conference of _The Archive in Motion_

project, we take a look at the new technologies of memory and the

questions of social life that they open onto.


The Archive in Motion

The three-year research project (2011-2013) is a collaboration between

the National Library of Norway, IFIKK – Department of Philosophy,

Classics, and History of Art and Ideas at the University of Oslo, IMK

– Department of Media Studies at the University of Oslo, and

Department of Cinema Studies, Stockholm University.



Ellef Prestsæter

Conference coordinator


+47 99 27 84 11

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