Histcon.se Time, Memory and Representation Tid, Minne, Representation

A Multidisciplinary Program on Transformations in Historical Consciousness

Ett mångdisciplinärt forskningsprogram om historiemedvetandets förvandlingar

Klaus Nellen

Professor of Philosophy, IWM, Vienna

Klaus Nellen is a permanent fellow at the Insitute for Human Sciences in Vienna and a member of the Eurozine Editorial Board. 1975-1981 he was a Research Associate at the Husserl Archive at Cologne University. Since 1983 he is in charge of the Institute's scientific publications including its journal, Transit - Europäische Revue.

Since 1984 he is also the Director of IWM's Patocka Archive and research and a co-editor of Jan Patocka, Ausgewählte Schriften (1987-1992). Since 1994 he coordinates the Paul Celan-Translation Program at IWM.


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