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Joan Scott

Harold F. Linder Professor of Social Scinence at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University.

B. 1941. Scott is a historian of France with important contributions in gender history and intellectual history. She is currently the Harold F. Linder Professor at the School of Social Science in the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University. Her current work focuses on the vexed relationship of the particularity of gender to the universalizing force of democratic politics.

Scott is the author of numerous books and articles, including Gender and the politics of history (1988), Only Paradoxes to Offer: French Feminists and the Rights of Man (1996), Parité! Sexual Equality and the Crisis of French Universalism (2005), The politics of the Veil (2007), Women's Studies on the Edge (ed., 2007) and The Fantasy of Feminist History (2011).

She is also a member of the editorial committee of History and Theory.

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